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The sport of triathlon goes far beyond crossing the finish line on race day, we all know that. Anyone who has raced also knows the average cost for toeing the line for your first race can easily exceed $5,000. That is a tough barrier to entry. One of our core missions at Outsider Endurance is to grow the sport. Aside from having more athletes participate in our races, we truly love the sport and the endurance community. This is why we are introducing our Tri-Cycle program. If you have left over gear, we would love to find it a home. We will pick it up, store it and find it a new home. Outsider Endurance will never resell equipment, we just want to help as many future triathletes enter the sport as we can. Please use the form below if you're interested in passing on some of your gear. 

Tri-Cycle Program

You are the reason the endurance community is so amazing! 

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