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Patriot Half

June 15, 2024

New England’s favorite half distance triathlon! Discover why thousands have chosen the award-winning Patriot Half as their first half distance triathlon… and hundreds come back year after year.

2024 Athlete Guide

2024 Patriot Half

Race the Patriot Half
Race the Patriot Half

This year's race will be held Saturday, June 15, 2024 at Cathedral Camp in East Freetown, MA. This will be the 18th year of this award-winning race which was recognized as “Best Small Race" (less than 1,000 athletes) an unprecedented 3x in the “Triathlete’s Choice Awards” program and as “Best Triathlon” in the Best of Competitor Awards (Northeast). The Patriot features a 1.2 mile swim in Long Pond, the largest fresh water body of water in Massachusetts, a bike course offering 54 miles of beautiful roads with some rolling hills and a 13.1 mile run along country roads, farms and lakes with plenty of aid stations to keep you fueled… plus special attention to the little things that set our events apart from the rest.

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Course Info & Maps

Description of the swim, bike and run courses for the Patriot Half courses are below.

The Swim (Cut-off time: 9:00am): The 1.2 mile swim is the calm waters of Long Pond. The swim course is a counterclockwise rectangular swim with that will have lifeguards stationed all along the route in kayaks, standup boards and boats ready to assist if needed. The water temperature the last 5 years of the race have been: 72F (2023), 70F (2022), 72F (2021), 69F (2019), 68F (2018). Wetsuits have been allowed each year of the race. There is a separate swim start and finish and the finish brings racers right into transition. For spectators, there are plenty of photo opportunities.  Click here for a map of the swim course. There will be approximately 10 swim waves.  Each wave will be organized by race category (e.g. Age Group, Elite, Athena, etc.). Wave 1 will feature Elite athletes starting at 7:00am. The Elite wave will start with a traditional “all at once” start on “Go!”.  Athletes in subsequent waves will start the race following a time trial format.  These athletes will enter the swim corral and go into the water side-by-side, 2 at a time, every 5 seconds. The athlete’s time begins when he/she crosses the timing wire buried in the sand at the water’s edge. You must complete the swim by 9:00am or you will not be allowed to continue in the race. See below for the 2023 Patriot Half swim wave plan (the 2024 swim wave plan will be published with the Athlete Guide at the beginning of race week).

Patriot Half Swim Course
Screen Shot 2024-06-10 at 2.13.47 PM.png

PLEASE NOTE: Swimming in Long Pond at Cathedral Camp is STRICTLY PROHIBITED unless a lifeguard is on duty.  We understand athletes like to familiarize themselves with the body of water they will be swimming in on race day, but you are not allowed to just show up and swim in Long Pond. Athletes swimming in Long Pond without a lifeguard is a liability for Cathedral Camp and if it continues it will jeopardize the future of the race. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS REQUEST OF RACE MANAGEMENT. 

Transition 1: After exiting the water athletes will enter transition which will be set up right next to the swim out. After grabbing their bike they will exit transition on the bike out. Click here for a PDF map with an aerial view of Cathedral Camp detailing the swim in and bike out for the Patriot Half.

Race the Patriot Half

The Bike (Cut-off time: 12:45pm): The Patriot bike course is  generally flat with some rolling hills that will occasionally force you to get up and out of your saddle. The loop is along country roads where you’ll pass farms, cranberry bogs and the scenic Pocksha Pond Causeway.

The bike course will begin at Cathedral Camp and East Freetown and then go through Lakeville with a pass through the scenic Pocksha Pond Causeway. After riding through the Causeway, cyclists will enter Middleborough and complete a loop in Middleborough and Rochester two times before riding back into East Freetown for the last few miles of the 54 mile course. The Patriot bike course is generally flat ride with some rolling hills. The total elevation gain is 1,430′.


Click here to see a bike course map with turn-by-turn directions (note: efforts are in the works to extend the course from 54 to 56 miles). Click here to see the route on Strava where you can also download the course as a GPX or KML file (based on the 54 course featured in 2023; efforts are underway to extend the course to 56 miles in 2024).

Bike Course Notes – “THE MERGE”: The first 12 miles of the bike course are only completed once, but then cyclists enter a loop section of the course that is to be completed twice. Cyclists enter this loop by turning left onto Marion Road from Long Point Road in Middleboro at mile 12 (just past the first Bottle Exchange station where cyclists can get water or Gatorade). There will be a period of overlap during the event when cyclists at the back of the pack will turn left onto Marion Road while cyclists near the front of the pack ride north on Marion Road to start their 2nd loop (their mile 32). The result is a merging of cyclists at this intersection. Signage and volunteers will be in place to raise awareness of this merge and a police detail will control traffic. Please ride with caution at this location. See graphic below depicting this merge.

Race the Patriot Half
Patriot Half Bike Merge

Bike Course Nutrition and the Water Bottle Exchange: The Patriot will feature multiple water bottle exchange stations offering you opportunities to re-fuel during your ride.  The water bottle exchange station is designed to be an additional resource for athletes. Athletes are encouraged to have 2 bottle cages on their bike to start the race filled with their preferred hydration drink. If they need to refuel the bottle exchange stations are available as your resource.

Bottle exchange stations will feature 24 oz. water bottles with water and 24 oz. Gatorade sports bottles. If you would like to receive a bottle of water or Gatorade you will need to discard a water bottle as you approach the bottle exchange (there will be a soccer net set up for you to toss your water bottle into) and then call out to a volunteer what you want (water or Gatorade). The volunteer will jog along side of you and hand you your bottle. If you do not need anything from the bottle exchange we encourage you to stay left as you approach the bottle exchange to avoid cyclists that will be requesting a bottle. Athletes should assume any water bottle discarded is gone forever (while we will bring the discarded ones back to Cathedral Camp for proper disposal there will be hundreds of sticky, used bottles to go through to find your own).

Race the Patriot Half

Transition 2: Athletes returning from the bike course will enter transition through the bike in and re-rack their bikes before heading out on the run.  Click here for a PDF map with an aerial view of Cathedral Camp detailing the bike out and run in for the Patriot Half.

The Run (Cut-off time: All athletes will be given 8 hours from the start of their swim to complete the course): The one loop 13.1 mile run is generally flat with some rolling hills including one short, but ill-timed hill around mile 12.5 of the run. Along the way you’ll pass farms and lakes and be greeted at nearly every mile with an enthusiastic volunteer-staffed aid station.  There will be 6-8 aid stations on the course that will all feature water, Gatorade Endurance Formula, Coke (flat), ice and endurolyte capsules (salt).  UCAN Edger Gels will be available at 4-5 of these aid stations (these aid stations will be identified in the Athlete Guide published and distributed to athletes by 6/11/24). The last quarter mile of the run course is on the grounds of Cathedral Camp. Click here for a map of the run course and cue sheet. You must complete the run within 8 hours of the start of your swim or you will pulled from the course. 

Run Course Nutrition: The run course will have 6-8 aid stations spread along the course. All aid stations will have water and Gatorade Endurance for athletes to “grab and go”.UCAN Edge Gels and other products will also be available at selected stations.

Event Details

Event Date and Location: The Patriot Half will be on Saturday, June 15, 2024. Paratriathlete athletes will start at 6:55am and subsequent waves will begin going starting at 7:00am. The site of the race is Cathedral Camp located at 167 Middleboro Road in East Freetown, MA on the shores of Long Pond.

Event Distance: Swim: 1.2 miles (1 loop); Bike 54 miles; Run: 13.1 miles (1 loop); Aquabike athletes complete the same 1.2 mile swim and 54 mile bike course as athletes doing the triathlon

Cut-off Times: Athletes must complete the swim by 9:00am and the bike course by 12:45pm. All athletes will have 8 hours from the start of their swim to complete the run.  Event management reserves the right to stop athletes from continuing in the race or withdraw athletes from the course if they do not meet these cut-off times.

Age Groups: Standard USA Triathlon age divisions in five year increments (e.g. 19 and under, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, etc.). Your age group is determined by your age on December 31, 2024 MINIMUM AGE: 17 years old as of December 31, 2024.

Special Divisions: There will be Clydesdale (Men, 220+ lbs), Athena (Women, 165+ lbs), Paratriathlete and Aquabike (swim and bike only) divisions.

All male & female Aquabike athletes will start in the last swim wave and then bike the same course as other athletes doing all three legs of the triathlon. Aquabike athletes receive a finisher medal and the same swag as athletes doing the full triathlon.

Awards and Cash Prizes: Awards will be given to the top 3 male and female finishers in each age group as well as to the top 3 Athenas, Clydesdales and Paratriathletes.

The Aquabike category will be divided into 2 age group divisions. The age groups will be determined by splitting the field in half as evenly as possible based on age. The 2023 Aquabike field age groups were Age 49 and Under and Age 50+.


All 3 members of the 1st place male, female and mixed relay teams will also receive an award.


A cash prize purse of $1,000 will also be distributed to the first ($300) and second ($200) place male and female finishers in the Open/Elite category. You MUST race in the Open/Elite category to be eligible to win prize money. If you race in a category other than Open/Elite and finish as one of the two fastest overall males or females you will not be awarded prize money. If you think you have a shot at placing among the top 2 in the event, register in the Open/Elite category.

Overnight Bike Check: Athletes have the opportunity to check their bike into transition during packet pick-up hours (4pm-7pm) the day before the race. All athletes who wish to check in their bike will need to first go to packet pick-up to get their bike sticker with their bib number and then affix that number to their bike.  Only bikes with bike number stickers affixed to their bikes will be admitted into transition and the athlete must also show their matching run bib#. Security will be in place from the conclusion of packet pick-up on Friday until transition re-opens on race morning at 5am. Athletes are not required to check in their bike the night before the race. This option is offered as a convenience to athletes.

Post Race Meal: All athletes are invited to enjoy the post-race catered meal which will include vegetarian and gluten free food options provided by Riccardi’s Restaurant of New Bedford, MA.

FREE Race Photos: Photos of athletes will be taken by a professional photographer and posted online post-event. Each athlete will be able to download 1 photo for free and download additional photos for a fee.

USA Triathlon Membership: The Patriot is a USAT sanctioned event. All athletes must (a) present a valid, current USAT Annual Membership Card at registration OR (b) purchase a 1-day USAT license. If you are an annual member, but forget to bring your card you will be required to purchase a 1-day license.

Important Rules: USA Triathlon rules will apply. Please review the rules at There will be USAT Officials present at the event. Three areas of common violations are (1) Drafting, (2) Blocking and (3) Centerline. To avoid drafting violations you must stay at least 6 bike lengths behind the competitor in front of you. When attempting to pass you must do so within 25 seconds. Blocking violations are assessed for failing to ride to the right (except when passing). Centerline violations are incurred when cyclists cross the yellow centerline of the road. HELMETS ARE REQUIRED. Chin strap must be buckled at ALL times while you are in possession of the bike even in the transition area. Handlebars/aerobars must have bar-end plugs securely inserted into the bar. Taping over bar ends is not permitted. Lack of bar end plugs will result in disqualification.

USAT Triathlon

Registration Fees

The Patriot Half is a USAT sanctioned event. USAT Annual members will need to have a valid USAT license on race day. If you are not an annual member, you will be required to purchase a 1-day USAT license for $15. Your entry fee includes:

  • An award winning race experience

  • T-shirt

  • Water bottle

  • Additional swag

  • Finisher medal

  • Live results published online so friends & family can track you

  • Free race photos

  • A post-race catered meal

  • Eligibility for valuable giveaways from our sponsors


2024 registration fees are listed below.


Active Military Discount: Note that we offer discounts to active military personnel. To claim this discount email us at for details. Proof of current active service required.

2024 Prices 

Triathlon, Individual:

  • $250 from opening of registration thru 8/31/23

  • $289 from 9/1/23 thru 10/31/23

  • $309 from 11/1/23 thru 1/1/24

  • $319 from 1/2/24 until the race sells out or the close of online registration (whichever comes first)

Triathlon, Relay Team:

  • $359 from opening of registration thru 8/31/23

  • $389 from 9/1/23 thru 10/31/23

  • $399 from 11/1/23 thru 1/1/24

  • $409 from 1/2/24 until the race sells out or the close of online registration (whichever comes first)

Aquabike, Individual:

  • $240 from opening of registration thru 8/31/23

  • $279 from 9/1/23 thru 10/31/23

  • $299 from 11/1/23 thru 1/1/24

  • $309 from 1/2/24 until the race sells out or the close of online registration (whichever comes first)

2024 Race Bundles


Half Crazy: Love half distance racing?! Bookend your season with the Patriot Half in June and the Pilgrimman Half in September (Plymouth, MA; 9/7/24). Choose from Triathlon or Aquabike options.


Half Crazy Triathlon

  • $489 from opening of registration thru 10/31/23

  • $499 from 11/1/21 thru 1/1/24

  • $509 from 1/2/24 until the Patriot Half sells out or the close of online registration (whichever comes first)

Half Crazy Aquabike

  • $479 from opening of registration thru 10/31/23

  • $489 from 11/1/21 thru 1/1/24

  • $499 from 1/2/24 until the Patriot Half sells out or the close of online registration (whichever comes first)


For a list of event bundles please click here.

Event Schedule

Event Timeline:


Friday, 6/14/24 (all at the race venue, Cathedral Camp, 167 Middleboro Road, East Freetown, MA):

  • 3:00pm: Packet pick-up and bike drop off (optional) begins.

  • 4:00pm-6:30pm: Practice Swim in Long Pond; athletes will have an opportunity to get a feel for the water by swimming around a designated buoy in a small area at the swim start that will be lifeguard supported; athletes will NOT be allowed to swim the 1.2 mile course.

  • 5:00pm: Athlete panel followed by Q&A with the Race Director. 

  • 7:00pm: Packet pick-up and bike drop-off concludes.

Saturday, June 15, 2024 (all at the race venue, Cathedral Camp, 167 Middleboro Road, East Freetown, MA):

  • 5:00am: Transition opens; packet pick-up/athlete check-in begins (photo ID required; athletes may only pick-up packets for themselves; all members of relay teams must be together). If you did not provide a valid USAT membership # when registering you must show one at packet pick-up or you will be required to purchase an annual or 1-day membership.

  • 6:00am: Lifeguard supported warm-up swim permitted in Long Pond in designated warm-up zone.

  • 6:30am: All athletes must be checked-in; pre-race meeting with Race Director (athletes must be in/around transition to hear announcements)

  • 6:45am: Warm-up swim ends; all athletes must be out of the water.

  • 6:50am: All athletes in transition and the procession to the swim start begins.

  • 7:00am: Start of race


Athletes and spectators have two areas to park on the grounds of Cathedral Camp.


The WEST Lot is for athletes and spectators. It opens at 5am and is right next to transition. This lot typically fills by 5:30am/5:45am and is the most convenient for athletes. Once filled, no cars will be admitted to this lot for the rest of the day and cars parked here will not be able to leave until 1pm due to cyclists and runners using the access road to this lot during the race.


The EAST Lot is for athletes and spectators. It opens at 5AM and cars that park in this lot may leave throughout the day, however, no cars will be admitted into this lot between 8:30am and 2pm. Starting at 8:30am, arriving spectators will be directed to park across the street from Cathedral Camp at either New England Stamped Concrete or Southcoast Chapel Mortuary.

Click here for a downloadable map of Cathedral Camp that shows the location of these parking lots.


Volunteers wanted!

Volunteers are the backbone of any good triathlon. If you aren’t racing in the Patriot Half but want to be a part of the action, help support the event as a volunteer. All volunteers (minimum 3 hour commitment) get a free ticket to the post-race catered meal and the satisfaction of contributing your support to the athletes that are giving it their all in this long distance triathlon. From pre-race set up on Thursday and Friday to any of the varied jobs on race day  we can use your help.


RAISE MONEY FOR YOUR COMMUNITY GROUP! We work with various community groups that bring volunteers to our races in exchange for a donation. If you’re looking to raise money for your organization and can bring volunteers to our event send Jeff an email at for more info.


CLICK HERE to visit our volunteer registration page.


Event Policies, Cancellation, Refunds, Deferrals & Transfers

  • Refund Protect: Refund Protect is a program made available by haku, our registration partner,  that will protect 100% of your registration investment due to illness (including COVID-19), injury, flight disruption and other reasons based on specific terms and conditions. There is a cost to purchase Refund Protect. Details on this program can be found here.

  • Refunds: This event is non-refundable. You must purchase refund protect (third-party insurance) to receive a refund. This product is less expensive than our old previous cancellation fee & allows you to have more flexibility to cancel closer to race day. 

  • Deferrals: Athletes may request a deferral of their 2024 Patriot Half entry to the 2025 Patriot Half up until 4/1/24. Deferral requests must be submitted in writing to The deferral schedule and deferral fee are as follows:​​

    • Athletes requesting deferral between 1/1/24 & 4/1/24 will pay a $50 deferral fee at the time they defer to the 2025 race. Athletes will then be sent a complimentary registration link for the same category of the 2025 Patriot Half when registration opens. Deferrals will only be granted 1 time per race entry. Athletes may not roll over a deferral beyond the next sequential race. 

    • No deferrals will be granted after 4/1/24.

  • Cancellation: If the 2024 Patriot Half is canceled for adverse weather, natural catastrophe or terrorism registered athletes may receive a full or partial refund through our partnership with haku, our registration partner (note: cancellation due to COVID-19 or other infectious diseases are not covered by this policy). ADVENTURE ADVOCATES EVENT MEMBERSHIP LEVEL EVENT REGISTRATION FEES Cancellation and Postponement Disclaimer Adventure Advocates will provide a full or partial refund of your registration fee to you should the 2024 Patriot Half be canceled or postponed for one of the following reasons and not rescheduled within 90 days. Adventure Advocates is not providing an insurance plan to you. Adventure Advocates is providing a refund guarantee on behalf of the Event that you are participating in should the event be canceled due to certain circumstances. Please note, for the refund to be paid, the Event that you are participating in must maintain it’s Event Membership in Adventure Advocates until the event has occurred or has been canceled per the terms of this Disclaimer. Adventure Advocates will provide the refund money to haku App Corporation, Inc. (“haku”), who will then distribute the refunds back to the credit or debit cards that were used to originally register for 2024 Patriot Half. Adverse weather - means any adverse weather that involved conditions that posed a serious threat to the safety of those individuals attending or setting up the insured event or made it physically impossible to use the venue due to physical damage of the venue or complete inaccessibility to the venue. Natural Catastrophe – means earthquake, tsunami, flood, volcanic eruption, hurricane, tornado, forest fire and/or any other extraordinary meteorological event causing widespread damage.

  • Course Changes: Event Management reserves the right to alter, cancel or eliminate any portion of a race at any time in the interest of athlete safety or for other reasons beyond our control. No refunds will be issued if changes are made to a race due to these circumstances.

  • Category Change: Category change requests (e.g. triathlon to aquabike; Elite/Open to Age Group) must be submitted by Thursday, 5/17/24.

  • Transfers to Other Outsider Endurance Races: Registered athletes that are unable to race may transfer to another 2024 OE race. Transfer requests must be made no later than 5/10/24. If the registration fee for the race transferred to is LESS than the registration fee already paid, the difference in price is forfeited. If the registration fee for the race transferred to is MORE than the registration fee paid you will be required to pay the difference in registration fees. Note that any USAT fees collected during the registration process are transmitted directly to USAT and are, therefore, not refundable by OE (contact USAT for a refund request). Online processing fees are also non-refundable.

  • The exchange, transfer or sale of entries to other athletes is strictly prohibited.

  • A full list of USAT rules and regulations is available for download here.

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